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Following three gigs which To Hell With Burgundy played back in March 2001 as support to Barclay James Harvest Through The Eyes Of John Lees, and an acoustic performance at Manchester's Revise club on April 21st that year, the band broke up for personal reasons, and it seems unlikely that they will perform together again. Kevin and Joanne are busy raising a family, whilst Karl is making music once more, samples of which you can hear at his MySpace page.

Special Reserve CD - Order Now!

3rd September, 2010:

The 24-track CD of all To Hell With Burgundy's non-album singles and B-sides plus fifteen demo recordings, entitled Special Reserve, is out now! Full details are as follows:

To Hell With Burgundy 'Special Reserve' CD cover
  1. Mother Of The Sea (Groovy Goings On E.P. version)
  2. Money (version from "Who Wants To Change The World" CD single)
  3. Go (12" single version with string quartet)
  4. The Flight (from "Go" 12" single)
  5. Beaches (from "Go" 12" single)
  6. Yesterday's News (from "Go" 12" single)
  7. Only The World (acoustic version, from "The King And I" CD single)
  8. Where Is Your Love (from "The King And I" CD single)
  9. White Cloud (from "If You Just Tuned In" sampler album)
  10. Goodbye To Nothing (demo)
  11. Wake Up (demo)
  12. Past Tension (demo)
  13. Loving You, Losing Me (demo)
  14. Gentle (demo)
  15. Down (demo)
  16. Through The Cries (demo)
  17. Telephone Song (demo)
  18. Watch Me Fall (demo)
  19. God Song (demo)
  20. Ho Ho (demo)
  21. Bell Song (demo)
  22. I Can't Understand You (demo)
  23. I Found A Key (demo)
  24. One To Eight Million (demo)

The 74-minute, factory-pressed CD with colour insert costs 10.00, inclusive of UK postage and packing, and can be ordered using our secure order form on the Barclay James Harvest web site now:

THWB - Special Reserve CD10.0011.0012.00

The original THWB studio albums are still available on CDR - see the Music page for details.

New To Hell With Burgundy Rarities Compilation

5th August, 2010:

Coming soon, a 24-track CD which will include not only all of the band's non-album singles and B-sides, from the original EP version of "Mother Of The Sea" through to "Where Is Your Love" from the CD single of "The King And I", but also no fewer than fifteen good quality demo recordings, including previously unreleased gems such as "Goodbye To Nothing" and "Loving You, Losing Me". This is a very limited run of factory-made CDs with a colour inlay in a standard CD jewelcase which won't be available elsewhere. Full details of the tracklisting, pricing and how to order will be published on this site in the next few weeks.

The Visitors Live Shows

22nd June, 2009:

Karl Walsh is busy making music both on his own and with The Visitors, and you can catch the latter live at the following shows:

  • 24 Jun 2009 18:15 Radio appearance on ALL FM 96.6 fm
  • 26 Jun 2009 20:00 The 100 Club, London
  • 18 Jul 2009 21:00 Night 'n' Day Cafe, Manchester
  • 05 Aug 2009 22:00 TV 21, Manchester

Sample Karl's and The Visitors' music at their respective MySpace pages:

Downloads of Singles and Previously Unreleased Material

Our aim is to make available all of THWB's catalogue, including tracks from singles, unreleased songs and live recordings. Whilst a deluxe box set would be nice (!), pragmatic considerations dictate that the best way to do this is through downloads. Some of which will be available at reasonable prices, with all proceeds going directly to the band, whilst others will be completely free!

Our first step in this direction can now be found on the Music page.

Latest Release

To Hell With Burgundy's last album was The Marvel Of The Age, released in 1998. Tracks are as follows:-

The Marvel Of The Age CD cover

  • The Hard Way
  • Big Wheel
  • Beautiful
  • One Song
  • Angel
  • Goodbye Moon
  • Maureen
  • Sad Lazarus
  • She Sings All The Time
  • Ordinary Life
  • Rag And Bone
  • Photographs

We still have a few copies of the original cassette in stock, which you can buy through the secure order form on the web site of our old friends, Barclay James Harvest, using the buttons below. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, cheque or UK Postal Order, or by cash in GB Pounds, Euros or U.S. dollars. Please note that PayPal or credit card statements will show payment to the "International BJH Fan Club".

2011 Update: The CD of Marvel Of The Age is now completely sold out, but we can offer CDR copies of that and the earlier albums. Please see the Music page for details and ordering information.

The Marvel Of The AgeCD12.0013.0014.00 Sorry, sold out
The Marvel Of The AgeCassette7.008.009.00

Exclusive clips of songs from The Marvel Of The Age are available for download from this Web Site.

Previous Albums

THWB's first three albums, Earthbound, Only The World and 3 are all deleted, and sadly unlikely to be reissued. However, the band own the copyright of these recordings, and have kindly given us permission to offer CDRs of the albums at half the price of the original CDs. The CDRs come without the original artwork (just tracklistings), but the sound quality is as good as the originals, and there's even a further discount if you buy all three!

2011 Update: Marvel Of The Age is also now deleted, but we can offer it on CDR, or you can buy all four original THWB studio albums on CDR at a discount - see below for details.

Earthbound CDRCDR6.007.008.00
Only The World CDRCDR6.007.008.00
"3" CDRCDR6.007.008.00
Marvel Of The Age CDRCDR6.007.008.00
All 4 CDRs above4 x CDR22.0024.0026.00

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